Audits & Assurance Reviews By ICAEW Authorised Practitioners That Give You Confidence In Your Business

Auditing your business doesn’t have to be an unwelcome expense and inconvenience. Choose Mapus-Smith & Lemmon and we will help you turn your mandatory audit into a useful business tool that gives you valuable information, increased assurance and helps minimise your risks.

We provide audit services for companies operating in a wide range of industries from hospitality to construction. As a firm, we have three audit partners and you can be sure that your audit will be completed to the highest standard in a timely manner. We’ll work with you, not against you, to get your audit or assurance review completed with the least disruption to your business.

With a dedicated audit team, we can:

  • Talk to you and get to know your business inside and out.
  • Complete your mandatory audit with minimal disruption to your business.
  • Identify weaknesses in your systems and controls and help you to make improvements.
  • Identify opportunities for improving efficiencies
  • Help you make the best use of your audit and turn it into a valuable business tool

Need to raise finance or assure your silent partners? Want to sell your business? Don’t need a statutory audit? Assurance reviews can help…

If you’re looking to sell or you just want to make sure your finances are in check, then an assurance review is ideal for you. Our team of experienced auditors will look at your systems, finances and data to ensure your business is running smoothly and hunt down any potential issues before they become real problems. An assurance review is not quite as in depth as an audit but will give you peace of mind and show your potential buyers that your business is operating effectively.

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